Instructions Writing Cause Effect Essay

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A cause and effect essay is a type writing that may be required of you in college.

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When we attempt to understand the causal relationship between two things, we are attempting to understand why a certain change occurred and what agent was responsible for affecting the change. An agent is simply a thing which has the power to effect change.There are a variety of different ways to think about this abstract idea in more concrete terms.The basic formula is that are distinguishable events, people, conditions, phenomena, etc. The cause is lighting the fuse, and the effect(s) of lighting that fuse are the lights and sounds of the firework.For example, where there are trees there are usually birds, but trees do not cause birds.Or to give another example, a felon very probably drank milk as a child, but milk drinking does not cause criminal behavior.Even after exhausting all known possibilities, you would settle for not knowing what the cause of the rabbit was—rather than asserting that it was uncaused.The second horn of the principle of causation is that— in order for an effect to occur, the agent bringing it about must have the power to do so.It may be a person, but it also may be an event, or a certain condition or set of circumstances.The idea of an agent having the power or capacity to effect a particular change brings us to the principle of causation.In most subject areas a cause and effect essay will be asking the writer to develop an argument showing that a particular agent is responsible for effecting a particular change.Change is the fundamental object of consideration in a cause and effect essay.


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