Iphone 4 Problem Solving

Prior to this my phone had a message on it saying it could not make or receive calls, which is why i turned it off in the first place as most problems seem to be resolved by that.Earlier today, before all this my phone was working absolutely fine and no problems at all – there seems to be no explanation to this.You may also want to do a hard reset on your device. However, it keeps restarting whenever I open any app now that has passed like a month since that time.

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Your best option is to bring your device to an authorized service center and have it fixed.i Phone 4 Water Damage Problem: My iphone 4 received water damage a couple days ago. Solution: Unfortunately in this case there’s really very little you can do.

After days of leaving it in rice the phone works perfectly but it won’t stay on. The water may have damaged some components inside your phone which causes it to restart.

It starts, I unlock my SIM card and then when i open any app it just shuts down and restarts.

Try using another SIM card on your device and see if the problem still occurs.

All we ask is that when you do send us an email try to be as detailed as possible so that we can make an accurate assessment and the correct solution can be made.i Phone 4 Not Charging Problem: I’ve had my i Phone for around 2 years now, my upgrade is due in a couple of months- so it may just be that the battery is worn out, but any alternative possible solutions would be great.

All of a sudden it’s just stopped charging- never had any previous problems or signs that the battery was on its last legs- just plugged it in last night and it wouldn’t work.

The reality is "it just works until it doesn't — usually when you need it the most".

Like any complex and sophisticated machine, i Phone can cause you any number of problems.

Now my phone is stuck on the “Connect to i Tunes screen”.

Solution: You may need to go to Recovery Mode to do the update.


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