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Answering these questions is helpful to some investigators, but you have the option to skip this step if you are ready to submit your IRB proposal.

The Mentor IRB proposal surveys will guide you through the proposal submission process.

For information purposes, the typical length of reviews is listed below.

Exempt review (depends on proximity of submission to meeting date) Research that targets vulnerable subjects or involves more than minimal risk to participants must be reviewed by the full committee.

Examples of projects that do not fit the IRB’s definition of human subjects research: The following are the essential elements of the IRB process.

Please read through and familiarize yourself with these elements before submitting a proposal; it will make the process quicker, easier and more coherent.A human subject is a living individual about whom you obtain: For help with determining if IRB review is required for your project, please use the Pre-Proposal Diagnostic Survey in the Mentor IRB system.This should be used if you are at all unsure if your project requires IRB review or not.You have the option to start the IRB review process in Mentor by taking the pre-proposal survey.This will help determine if your project is "not subject to IRB review", or if it requires an exempt, expedited, or full IRB review.Proposals approved under full review must be renewed annually.The Mentor IRB system will notify you when the IRB approval for your proposal is due for renewal.The full committee meets monthly during the academic year.The meeting schedule and submission deadlines are listed on the home page.Approval by the primary IRB does not guarantee approval by the Smith IRB.To submit a protocol that has already been approved by another institution, log in to your Mentor IRB account.


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