Is Technology Good Or Bad Essay

The smart phones offer so much, from amazing gaming experience to instant connectivity with people, that it is hard to take your eyes off it.Your car, air conditioner, microwave and other technologically advanced devices also seem as good because of the convenience they offer.Technology has helped in the growth and development of the mankind as a whole. The continual use of technologically advanced equipments as well as the process of their production has led to a drastic rise in all types of pollution.

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stands for knowledge or discussion about something.

Many natural resources are being over-exploited to produce technological equipment.

While these equipment have proved to be useful in many ways this practice is resulting in the depletion of natural resources which is a threat to the environment.

Technology thus means the use of knowledge to create something to enhance life.

Several big and small things we use in our day-to-day lives have been an outcome of technological development.Conclusion Technology certainly has given way to an improved lifestyle and contributed towards the growth of economies; however, the amount of damage it has done to the environment as well as the mankind is a cause of serious concern.From the television you watch to the mobile phone you use to connect with your near and dear ones, from the car you drive to the refrigerator you use to store your food, from the air conditioners you use to beat the heat to the laptops you use to accomplish various tasks – everything is a gift of technology.However, it is wise not to go overboard with their use.Maintain a balance between science and nature to lead a peaceful life and keep your surroundings healthy. While technology has paved the way for a better living its downside cannot be overlooked.People these days have grown extremely accustomed to the use of these technological inventions that they simply cannot do without them.They await the launch of newer and more advanced devices.Technology on the other hand extends the agenda of science.When the ideas are put to use, the scientists are inspired and motivated to research and experiment further to come up with newer ideas.Excessive use of technology has also contributed to problems such as obesity and visual impairment.Besides, it has isolated people socially more than connecting them.


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