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[tags: Leadership] - There are many definitions of leadership.I believe leadership is defined by Leadership Theories The three leadership theories that have the most influenced on my thinking on leadership and leaders are: the leadership grid, servant leadership, and authentic leadership.

Together, we can explore ways to inspire great leadership and help leaders transform their potential and the potential of the people they work with.

- Leadership theories/approaches have gradually evolved overtime.

This practical orientation underpins all our research activities.

Our reports are freely available to download, copy and use for personal development, or in training and development activities.

As we went over the different types of “Leadership Theories” in class the one that stood out the most to me was the servant leadership.

This is because as stated in “Introduction to Leadership” it defines leadership as “ …The initial theories began with the traits theory and progressed toward behavior, situational, adaptive, authentic, appreciative, transformational, transactional, servant, shared collective or distributive, and leader-member exchange.Leadership is a challenging and multifaceted process dependent upon numerous aspects such as, situation, personality and relationship of leader and follower, skills and knowledge, environment, and organizational and personal goals....Blake and Jane Mouton in the 1960’s (Northouse, 2013)....[tags: Leadership, Management, Servant leadership] - Leadership Assessment I recently took the, “How to Find Out Your Style of Leadership assessment, developed by the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, (How to Find Out Your Style of Leadership, 2009).All we ask is that The Institute of Leadership & Management is credited when any of the content is used or referenced, and you include a link to the research report from this website.We are always looking for people to collaborate with on our research activities.[tags: Leadership, Skill, Leadership development] - Leadership approaches have widely evolved over the past century.Its evolution has undoubtedly shaped its focus and meaning.[tags: Leadership, Management] - Leadership Class Summary Leadership is broad topics and it is not an easy goal to achieve.Leadership includes influence, respect, culture understanding, moral and etc.


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