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Letter To The Editor Assignment-48
I have 190 potential outlets and can generally find an editor or two that are happy to provide me with LOA's and assignments.

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Otherwise, they end up with bloggers who have low readership primarily encircling family and close-friends, or writers with assignments from obscure publications.

Travel is my primary writing genre, so it is essential that I get into the field to find stories and experience destinations in a way that I can capture the texture and vibrancy of the place.

One dated article does not equate to a current outlet.

Even more surprising, is how many don’t get caught doing this.. If you should get an LOA from one of these outlets, it is their policy to NOT publish articles from subsidized press trips.

I was recently on a press trip where a writer claimed to have a blog for the New York Times.

(I should mention that she was quite a diva as well!Further, the writer should clearly list the publications (print or online) where the stories about the upcoming press trip will be published.Having said that, if the writer does not list the intended outlets, the PR agency should demand to see them before hosting them on a trip. Since many new editors may have a different philosophy than her predecessor, she may not honor previous commitments.We do this to establish our credibility as an experienced travel writer.However, to suggest that these past bylines are outlets for the upcoming press trip is fraudulent. The writer must make it clear that past bylines are simply to establish their travel writing background, and that these are NOT the outlets for the upcoming press trip.Just make sure you deliver for them on future press trips.) The dreaded words that writers never want to read are that the magazine or newspaper will cease operations.Unfortunately, you have already taken a press trip based on an assignment.I’ve seen cases where the editor is a friend of the writer and they are merely helping the writer get a free press trip, but don’t plan to publish the piece.I have also seen times when the writer generates the LOA, identifies a friend as an editor, and there is no real publication as it exists only in the minds of the writer and the friend.(Roy’s Comment: Dishonest “writers” are out there, and they give the rest of us a bad name.They will be disappointed, but they will understand, because this has happened to them before, too.They will probably not scratch you off their press list.


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