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Religious tales, moral fables, especially in the form of Morality Plays during Elizabethan period are often referred to as didactic in nature as they attempted to teach a moral lesson based on a fable or a parable.Moreover, Fables and Parables are didactic in themselves.Having defined didactic literature, its characteristics can be examined.

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Throughout history, didactic plays demonstrated morality and simple truths to audiences all over the world. An Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope, published in 1711, is didactic in nature, giving advice on writing critics and criticism itself.In principle, there is nothing wrong with a work being didactic.In practice, however, the term is sometimes used in a negative way.For example, to call a novel didactic could mean that its "condescending" tone has detracted from its aesthetic merit.A written or spoken work that is didactic is designed or intended to teach people something – for instance proper or moral behaviors that they should follow.Example 2: Much of German folklore is didactic, as is the folklore from other regions on the planet.Stories of old were invented as moralistic, explanatory, or didactic tales meant to teach and inform young children and young adults in the ways of the natural world.Therefore, a literary work that is artistic can also have didactic properties.Apparently, any literary work that teaches or implies a moral is considered didactic.Overall, to define didactic literature in a nutshell, it aims at teaching, improving the readers and having a moral impact on them.This could be done in a preachy style or a story-telling style, but the end is what makes this type of literature different from the other non-didactic ones.


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