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This occurs after you leave the Normandy for the first time, talk with Udina and the captain, then travel to Chora's Den.

So it's my first play-through of this trilogy (!!!

) and I'm currently making my way through ME1.

They can get repetitive, so if you get bored just go on to the next mission, just make sure you've done everything you want to before Ilos.

What I would say is very important is your teammate's assignments and the assignment admiral Kahoku gives you.

Be sure to talk to your squad mates after ever mission as well.

You only need to play it once to have a game to bring forward and it sets up a lot of story lines in the next two.Wong explains she is planning to do a story on overworked traffic controllers.She needs audio and visual evidence for her story, so she has prepared a bug and asks you to plant it in the traffic control center of C-Sec. If you agree to plant the bug, go into the C-Sec Academy and plant it near the keeper that is in the control room up the stairs.A handful of real astronauts got to experience this same view for the first time nearly 50 years ago, and now you get to experience it.IMO you can skip the "collect something" missions, they are a pain in the ass, but otherwise do as many assignments as you like.This assignment can only be obtained if you completed Wong's first request.She is waiting at the Citadel Tower just down the steps from the Council's audience room.Garrus is strong in electronics, so I don't recommend choosing Tali, the quarian. Once you leave for Ilos you're pretty much stuck with finishing the main story line.With the game save before leaving for Ilos, you can at least reload it and do more assignments if you decide to finish the campain.You'll find some data regarding the Geth while finishing another (optional) mission on an uncharted planet.You have the choice of either giving it to Tali, ensuring that she has something to bring back from her pilgrimage, or you can just be a jerk and keep it.


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