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Reason defined by Oxford Dictionary means to “think, understand and form judgment logically”.Through his own excessive reasoning, the antagonist of the story, Jason, falls to destruction.

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Secondly, in Jason‘s mind he never expects Medea to act irrationally because he neglects her feelings.Firstly in his mind, Jason sees everything to be explained by reason.Jason betrays Medea by marrying the Princess of Corinth.In Jason’s eyes “it would have been for better far for men to have gotten their children in some other way, and women not to have existed” (P. Jason believes that the only reason and positive outcome of marriage is children.Another example is when Jason argues that, “ women have got such a state of mind that, if [their] life at night is good, [they] think [they] have everything; but, if in that quarter things go wrong, [they] will consider [their] best and truest interest most hateful” (P. Jason thinks that Medea is outraged because he took another woman to chamber.Also to Medea, it is her redundant and hurtful pride that unleashes the hate inside her.Many times throughout the play Medea expresses “For it is not bearable to be mocked by enemies” (P. Medea cannot allow others to laugh at her misfortune and only through the murder of her enemies could she feel redeemed and her pride restored.The protagonist of the play, Medea, demonstrates an excessive passion which leads her to destruction. However, Medea’s suicidal mind fades away as her excessive passion feeds upon her hatred and rage which leads her to uncalled acts of revenge.The strongest factor that contributes to Medea’s unreasonable passion is her extreme love for Jason. The protagonist passionate love for Jason deceives her thoughts and leaves her with nothing but hope for Jason’s love. She calls out to the gods to pray that “[she] may see [Jason], him and his bride and their entire place hattered for the wrong they dare to do [her] without cause” (P. Motivated by animosity, Medea successfully murders the Princess and the king.In text, Medea’s abundant love for Jason causes her to do anything for him, including sacrificing her own family.On the other hand, Medea’s excessive hatred overpowers her mind and becomes overboard with her actions.


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