Michelle Obama Princeton Dissertation

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This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.” This weekend’s Facebook post was not D’Souza’s first criticism of Obama’s thesis.

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In a tweet on Sunday, D’Souza called the senior thesis “a complete intellectual embarrassment not just to her but also Princeton.” He appended a link to Politico’s four-part PDF of the 66-page document for readers to assess it for themselves.

By way of context for these remarks on smartness, I offer you Michelle’s Princeton senior thesis, a complete intellectual embarassment not just to her but also to Princeton https://t.co/kte Vyw63XF https://t.co/6VSd Ds Su Mu — Dinesh D' Souza (@Dinesh DSouza) December 16, 2018 D’Souza’s Facebook post included a link to an article in Newsweek in which Mrs.

When I was after a bachelor’s degree in astronomy, I did seminars that were far more technically elaborate than Michelle’s thesis is.

I wrote, for example, an undergraduate paper in which I calculated the density of Saturn from telescopic observations of the motion of Saturn’s moons: Titan, Enceladus, Tethys, and Dione.

In conclusion, Michelle said that people feel most comfortable with the people that they spend the most time around.

Michelle Obama Princeton Dissertation

Presto, Michelle has fulfilled the Affirmative Action requirements for Blacks getting a bachelor’s degree.Obama discussed her struggles with self-doubt and challenged the intelligence of power players in the nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors — including the United Nations — with whom she had worked.The piece in Newsweek covered a talk Obama gave in London alongside Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.And this was merely a class assignment, not a graduation thesis.If a White student at Princeton, pursuing the same major that Michelle did, wrote a paper very much like Michelle’s on the same subject, except that it focused on White alumni instead of on Black alumni, what do you think would happen? Aside from the inevitable humongous stink about “racism,” the paper would be judged unworthy of being a partial fulfillment of the BA degree that the White student were seeking. They are nothing more than the volunteered self-summaries of several persons’ feelings in regard to their comfort while interacting with other people of various races. Search the paper all you wish: it will remain a mystery.He’d have to start over, essentially “repeating a grade,” because, unlike Michelle Vaughn Robinson, he would not have the benefit of Affirmative Action as a substitute for actually writing a paper with scholarly merit. Michelle doesn’t show her questionnaire in her thesis, though she does describe it in general terms in her “Independent Variables” section. Physical scientists use equations derived from centuries of experience with natural phenomena. Instead, she appears to have used her feelings as a substitute for empirical analysis to judge a poll about the feelings of several Black Princeton alumni.Michelle’s paper isn’t worth a hoot as an academic effort.The focus of the questions seem to be ascertaining the extent to which these earlier Black Princeton graduates still considered themselves tied to the Negro community in general, as measured by the degree to which they believed themselves to be morally obligated to engage in pro-Black social agitation, in the event they were not in positions of political power, and in blatant favoritism toward Blacks at the expense of Whites, in the event that they did hold positions of political power. Michelle promptly gave each of them the benefit of her expert scholarly analysis.There are several pages of monologue that appear to have a superficial relevance, and some of these pages show references in footnotes.Anyone who has read Michelle's college thesis—a document so illiterate and incoherent that it was written, as Christopher Hitchens put it, in "no known language"—will chuckle heartily at this one.Posted by Dinesh D' Souza on Sunday, December 16, 2018 Hitchens, in a scathing rebuke written for the liberal outlet Slate in 2008, said of the paper, “To describe it as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb.


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