Misery Guts Book Report

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He read the text, we exchanged some emails, and he produced the beautiful images you’ll find on the cover and at the beginning of every chapter.Here we chat about some of the details of Deg’s text, as well as Ste’s approach to the creation of his images.

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The subject itself is more complex and I was committed to experimentation both in process and immediacy this time, to slowing the flow somewhat to see if I could row through clearer waters rather tearing at the riverbed with my oars.

I can’t tell anything about the result yet, but it’s been a valuable exercise.

A brief but intriguing list of wines is young and fun and hits all the right flavour buttons, the beers on tap exclusively Australian.

Food is also to the point: a seasonal tasting board with three funky Euro cheeses, some hand-sliced Italian prosciutto, fresh hunks of white bread, and cornichons. Above the bar, long polished mirrors reflect the room at tasteful angles: a row of circular Parisian tables line one wall, tall double windows flooding natural light in from the street.

Keith embarks on a mission to cheer his parents up.

He buys a brilliantly coloured tropical fish from Australia, where the sun shines all the time, the sea is full of fish and coconuts just fall into your hands.The question is why somewhere so un-miserable would be called Misery Guts. It's not named after the Morris Gleitzman YA book of the same name, Pleadin says. When all his efforts to cheer his parents up fail spectacularly, Keith decides he must somehow get his parents to Australia.People couldn't be unhappy in a paradise where fish sparkle like rainbows and it's sunny and warm all the time. Based on Morris Gleitzman's books 'Misery Guts', 'Worry Warts', and 'Puppy Fat'.Keith, genuinely selfless, spends all of his time attempting to make everyone else's life perfect. His complete incompetence deters him not at all, nor will it deter readers from enjoying his increasingly grandiose, inevitably doomed, schemes. Keith embarks on a series of creative but ineffective schemes to shape them up, culminating in the visit of his best friend, Tracy, and her aunt.Aunt Bev is making Tracy wretched with her obsession with dieting and cosmetic surgery.It's a great space – a grand single room with soaring ceiling over an expanse of beautifully polished wooden floors, leading to a sturdy carved bar stocked with all the right craft booze.The eight cocktails are all classics, including a sour, a sazerac and a light, bright French 75 made with Prairie Organic Gin.


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