New Historicist Criticism Essay

The historian’s own social and cultural context results in potential biases that new historicists argue will be reflected in writings that record history.

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The director successfully reconstructs the occurrence linking the past and the present placing the survivor at the center, thereby emphasizing its significance.

Keeping the main event at the background, the director brings the people involved to the foreground.

Critics might examine the life of the author and look at traditional historical sources like newspaper reports, letters or journal accounts or cast their net more widely to look at medical or penal records, advertisements or other more obscure documentary sources.

Analysing this variety of texts alongside literature enables new historicists to find evidence of widespread power structures operating in society.

History has always been written by and for the ruling class.

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A Danish Historian, once said: "Recorded history is the diary of the winning team" ( Rewriting and reinterpreting of history through literature) , or as Salman Rushdie said: "History is the handshake of ...

In the present century it is agreed that history depends on who , has recorded the events.

Taking into account the writer , his background and his attitude towards the happenings around him the objectivity assigned to history is now negated.

New historicists argue that works of literature do not independently transcend their time, as the New Criticism claimed, but are instead always socially and politically implicated within their historical context.

The movement therefore promoted a ‘return to history’ and shared a Marxist concern for the historical and ideological conditions that produce literature in relation to cultural mechanisms of social organization.


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