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At first it was hard trying to act completely confortable and come up with things to ask them while trying to note my behavior as well as their behavior, but it got a little easier after doing it a few times.If there were other people around, most would look around them to see if anyone else though it a little strange that I had not let go of their hand.I normally pride myself on not embarrassing easily and on not engaging in behavior that would elicit that emotion in the first place.

AJXRM So with these handshake norms, I put some to the test to see how I felt and how the others reacted.

I experimented with people who I already knew and random people that I met for the first time.

Typically I would introduce myself and offer to shake their hands, or just say hi and stick my hand out.

I would try my best not to let them go until our conversation was done.

It’s an unwritten rule that you exercise only in attire made specifically for exercise.

This includes sneakers, sweatpants, basketball shorts, yoga pants, baggy shirts, tank tops, and sports bras. I proceeded to walk and then jog (lightly for safety reasons) on the treadmill.

When searching for an idea of things that could be done to break a social norm my thoughts went to something that is the “least risky”.

I had heard stories of things people had done and although many were funny.

I felt uncomfortable because there were so many other open seats. I told my husband about the situation and how I would be paranoid the entire movie if I stayed braking this social norm.

Finally we ended up pretending to get popcorn and moving to another seat.


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