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Oedipus' problem escalated to peripetia he thinks Polybos dying was a good thing, but soon realizes that he is not his biological father.Oedipus recognizes his error he committed when the shepherd and messenger tells Oedipus his story. ' (Scene IV, page 62) He is now no longer blind to his fate, he discovered what has happened to him and how he is now forced to see the truth and how Tiresias and all the prophecies were right all this time.

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JOCASTA: That his doom would be death at the hands of his own son- His son born of his flesh and of mine!

By marauding strangers where three highways meet; But his child had not been three days in this world before the King has pierced the baby's ankles and left him to die on a lonely mountainside.

Oedipus has the facts about Laos murder presented to him, but he is too blind to see his guilt.

Jocasta even tells Oedipus about how her baby was doomed to kill Laios and baby died with his ankles pierced on the mountain.

But this fighting between the two temporarily stops the progress of the investigation of the murder Oedipus is determined to solve.

Lady Jocasta also tells Oedipus that there was one man who survived the killing and witnessed what happened.The people of Thebes reward Oedipus for being a hero: they gave him the kingdom and kingship of the city.He is respected and admired by his people and the Queen Jocasta becomes his wife.' PRIEST: Great Oedipus, O powerful King of Thebes!You see how all the ages of our people cling to your altar steps'' (Prologue page 4) Everyone of Thebes loves their great king, they all stand outside his palace at his steps.The messenger tells Oedipus and Jocasta that King Polybos died from natural causes so they both think that there is nothing to worry about because Oedipus did not kill Polybos his father.But when Oedipus was younger some unidentified individual from Corinth told him that King Polybos and Queen Merope are not his real parents, of course he is blind to this and cannot remember the fact he is adopted.In the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles Oedipus is told his fate throughout the play. But Oedipus does not believe the prophecy he is told.He thinks he has to find the murder in Thebes, but the killer is really him. In the Greek play his error or hamartia will cause other events in the play that are peripetia the turning point, anagorisis when he recognizes his error and nemesis when he is punished for his error.But Oedipus earned the title king if Thebes by outsmarting the monstrous Sphinx.She was sent there to punish Thebes for the murder of Laois, she devours everyone who fails to answer her riddle.


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