Organizational Behavior 3 Attitudes And Satisfaction

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On the part of the organization, the company needs to show some type of commitment to the employee.

This organizational commitment shows the employees the company cares about them and their well-being and is a major factor in shaping employees' attitudes.

Those three are: While it can be said that some people can be classified by overall attitude ('John is always upbeat' or 'man, Mary is always in a bad mood'), there are aspects of jobs that can impact the attitude a person has about their position and company.

Job Satisfaction: How much satisfaction a person gets from doing their job can directly relate to their attitude about it.

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Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee is connected to all aspects of the company and works to help the organization grow and reach its goals.

For this aspect, individuals might volunteer in company-sponsored events to help the needy, or they might recommend cost savings ideas that they see as they do their job.

Try it risk-free Each person has a different level of attitude about their job and that attitude can be rated, if you will, by how involved the individual is in his or her job.

In this lesson, we will look at job attitudes as they relate to job satisfaction, commitment, engagement, and more.


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