Organizational Behavior Conclusion Essay

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By not preparing well and before, agencies will face many difficulties in dealing with this newly found competition.

Most people in many circumstances are unable to formulate their preferences and general expectations.

Taylor described a more scientific approach to science, selecting workers that provide management skills rather than conflicts in the establishment and training the workers.

An integration of those two theories with the administrative theory of training, planning, coordinating, organizing and commanding functions can be used.

The organization may be able to be productive with the system set forth to achieve performance and goals.

The system approach balances out the appropriate and effective functions of the organization linking all the components to achieve the desired goals.

The models of giving priority, getting accurate and honest feedback and maintaining full attention on a specific job is very helpful when controlling an organization.

Organizational effectiveness according to Mihalicz (2012) can be said to be a concept aimed at determining how effective an organization is in completing tasks and in the process achieving the best results.

The crude method of the organizational pyramid, with the chief at the peak and other junior officers down below, has to be tilted.

The community should sit at the top of the pyramid, followed closely by the police, the supervisors, and finally the chief to build the required functions that the organization is expecting (Mihalicz, 2012).


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