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Is the antiabortion movement no longer relevant in the United States?

Is the antiabortion movement no longer relevant in the United States?

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In the early nineteenth century, a variety of other healers competed with physicians for business, especially the business of women’s reproductive healthcare.

While many physicians believed that scientific medicine would benefit their patients, some, in order to hurt lay healers’ business, sought governmental licensing and regulation to weed out the competition.

Before 1840 abortion was a widespread, largely stigma-free experience for American women.

During that period, the American legal system used the quickening doctrine from British common law to decide the legality of abortion.

Many argued that women (and rag-tag group of healers who offered abortion) did not have adequate embryonic knowledge to determine when life began.

But historians have noted that this medical insight was not a result of any advancements in embryonic knowledge.

[4] But in the 1960s, some Americans began to demand change from their states.

In 1959 the American Law Institute, a group of professionals that put together model legislation, advocated for the liberalization of abortion law.

They suggested that the law should make exceptions for women who were raped, whose fetuses were deformed, and whose mental or physical health was at stake.

The abortion reform movement was made possible by a larger cultural shift in Americans’ ideas about reproduction and abortion.


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