Persuasive Essay Peer Edit Worksheet

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If you ever discover that type of problem when you go back to edit your essay, it can be easy to fix.

If you ever discover that type of problem when you go back to edit your essay, it can be easy to fix.

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For example, let's say that you've written an essay that argues that the death penalty should be abolished in the U. In one of your , you find that you've presented some statistics showing that the death penalty doesn't deter violent crime.

But after presenting that data, you stopped and switched to another point without making an explicit argument as to why those data show that the death penalty should be done away with.

Having to go back into something you've already labored over, crack it open and improve the content in a substantive way can feel pretty brutal.

After all, if you were able to write better content, you would have done it in the first place, right? With a few basic principles in mind, you can learn how to go back through an essay you've already drafted and make substantive edits that sharpen and improve the content of that essay.

Be sure that you've followed up each of those instances with a few persuasive statements arguing that those facts and examples support your main argument or prove your point correct.

With our death penalty example, you could state, perhaps, that those who support the death penalty cite the deterrent effects of capital punishment as a reason that it should be kept in place.


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