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If this topic is of interest to you, the following essay on school uniforms will be of much use.

Let us summarize the pros and cons of introducing uniforms in school environment.

Students are forced to be part of the group When a school implements a uniform policy, they force the children to become part of a larger group.

This is a very good thing to happen within a school.

People who have the best clothes may only show them off outside of school.

Inside school the children are able to fit in with each other because they all look the same.

Being self-conscious and often lacking the confidence needed to assert themselves, teens are forced to use clothing and outward appearance as the means to manifest this individuality.

Thus, students should not be forced to wear uniforms to school.

Persuasive Speech Plan Topic: Children In public schools should wear uniforms.

Point Deductions Topic Approval Plan Speech to Group Note Cards Speech to Jurisprudentially Aids Speech to Group Outline Self-Review J Order Thesis: Not only do uniforms help the parents get them ready in the morning, but can also be safer for kids who might bring Items to school they shouldn’t.


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