Phd Thesis On Uwb Antenna

Chang, "Band-notched ultrawideband circular-disk monopole antenna with an arc-shaped slot," Microwave and Optical Tech. Ultrawideband (UWB) phased arrays play an increasingly indispensable role in emerging communication and sensing systems.

Wang, "Two novel bandnotched UWB slot antennas fed by microstrip line," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.

Gong, "A planar monopole antenna design with band-notched characteristic," IEEE Trans.

By adjusting the slot length, the notched frequency band within the antenna's operating bandwidth can be easily controlled.

Also, the time-domain behaviours are discussed and the fidelity factor is calculated.

As balanced feeding is a major challenge in UWB arrays, a version of the SESLA with an integrated feed is also presented.

The design uses a stripline-based folded Marchand balun. Sambell, "A simple broadband printed antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. Bhattacharya, "Two new ultrawideband dual polarized antenna-feeds using planar log periodic antenna and innovative frequency independent reflectors," J. 10, 1411-1420, 2007.doi:10.1163/156939307783239401 10. Choi, "A Compact bandselective filter and antenna for UWB application," PIERS Online, Vol. 7, 1053-1057, 2007.doi:10.2529/PIERS061006225850 11. 11, 1511-1518, 2006.doi:10.1163/156939306779274345 7. Ali, "A planar inductively coupled bow-tie slot antenna for WLAN application," J. This work presents three novel TCAs which address the following challenges: 1) the need for increased bandwidth (10:1) in low-profile arrays; 2) the need for integrated baluns in these extremely wideband array designs; 3) the high component cost of large UWB arrays.First, the Superstrate-Enhanced Substrate-Loaded Array (SESLA) is presented, which represents a novel scheme for bandwidth enhancement of UWB ground plane backed arrays.A very simple equivalent circuit is presented which is used to co-optimize the loading and the superstrate.The SESLA approach is validated through measurements of a 4x4 prototype array.


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