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It’s really not that hard to define poor customer service experience.But, when we do experience a negative customer service experience, it can result in distress and frustration for anybody.Ultimate customer experiences are surprisingly hard to find, and very few of us actually get to experience it.

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But wait – soon you find out that your problem has been fixed and the agent on the other end seemed extra polite when dealing with you.

So, you decide to might as well leave out the negativity till next time.

Satisfying their needs and wants is the only thing that companies want to achieve, along with providing a good overall end-to-end customer experience.

With the growth of technology, customers are beginning to use multiple channels when interacting with a brand.

It is the service experience provided to customers at various points of contact with the organization.

are similar in the way that they all refer to dealing with customers and satisfying their needs and wants.We all engage with companies on a regular basis, and some things just don’t turn out the way you wanted them to.Now, combine this problem with modern technological innovation and multi-platform usage and you have the perfect recipe for customers with high demands.We’ve all been there and experienced it at least once – you buy a product or service, something doesn’t go the way you had thought, and you end up waiting for an available customer service agent to talk to about your issue.You don’t care about his customer service experience skills – you just want someone at the company to talk to you about your specific problem.A bad customer service experience results when a customer is dissatisfied with the company he’s seeking assistance from.Bad customer experiences have adverse effects on business, such as reduced satisfaction, decreased customer loyalty, increased frustration, and higher customer churn. Sometimes, customers go through quite an ordeal when dealing with customer service.However, one thing is certain – it involves a fair amount of customer service. Customer service experience is simply defined as the art of managing customers, and meeting or exceeding their wants and needs when they contact customer service.It can be used to describe someone asking about an item on a menu when ordering fast food at a drive-thru, or someone asking a salesman about a product at an electronics store.We see it all the time on some social media posts which go viral.The worst customer service experience is when a customer is completely dissatisfied with the level of customer service a company has to offer.


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