Power Crisis In Bangladesh Essay

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At present, 404 MW is being generated from renewable energy sources.

Solar home system is a success story in Bangladesh and day by day its popularity is increasing in the rural areas, especially in the off-grid regions.

Daily solar radiation is 4-6.5 k Wh/m² and maximum radiation is generally received in the months of March-April and minimum in December-January.

Hence, solar energy can be a viable solution for the power crisis in Bangladesh [7].

Under this project, a total of 50 units of 20 k W capacity stand-alone type wind turbines are being installed.

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The total power generated by all the wind turbines is stored in a battery bank.According to the approved renewable energy policy, the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) is devoted to facilitating investment in both public and private sectors in renewable energy projects to substitute contemporaneous non-renewable energy resources and to escalate the contributions of renewable energy based electricity generation. Abu Bakr Siddique, The Prospect of Renewable Energy Resources in Bangladesh: A Study to Achieve the National Power Demand, Energy and Power, Vol. In Bangladesh there are many natural resources such as coal, gas and petroleum.A plan has been initiated by the GOB to generate 5% of the total energy from renewable energy resources within 2015 and 20% by the year 2020. The main source of energy in Bangladesh is natural gas (24%) which is likely to be depleted by the year 2020 [1].Also, as it is a subtropical country, 70% of the year sunlight is plentiful [6].This makes the use of solar panels very effective in Bangladesh.The government has set a target to generate 2000, MW of electrical power from renewable energy by 2021.Currently, the total electricity generation from such sources is 404 MW.Moreover, the progression, as well as regressions, in this sector should be continually scrutinized.In this paper, the present scenario of electricity generation and renewable energy sources in Bangladesh is discussed in detail. Abstract This paper reviews the prospects of available renewable energy resources along with various private and government future project plans to incorporate renewable energy sources and their potentials as per context of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country which offers many options and opportunities for utilizing renewable energy sources for generating electric power. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY). The present renewable energy arrives from biogas, hydro power, solar and wind.


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