Problem Of Evil Argument Essay

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There is, therefore, no omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent God.

There is, therefore, no omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent God.

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If such a God existed, though, then he actually would prevent all suffering.

Suffering, though, is a familiar part of the world around us; it has not been prevented.

To conclude, the theodicies' attempts to deal with moral and natural evil in the face of so much evil and suffering are doomed, as each of the criticisms against them bring into question how a God who holds each of the divine attributes can justify such suffering in the world as a means to an end in the next life.

In my opinions , the existence of Hell alone blows the theistic ideal of a God out of the water as it simply connotes that some humans will have to experience large amounts of pain infinitely to God's approval, thus God cannot justify suffering in this life as he has the power to inflict it on mortals forever should they rebel against the system in their life previous to the afterlife.

Besides philosophy of religion, the problem of evil is also important to the field of theology and ethics.

The problem of evil is often formulated in two forms: the logical problem of evil and the evidential problem of evil.

The wrong that we do, though, the suffering that we cause, great though it may be, is a price worth paying for something that is profoundly valuable: genuine freedom.

Though God could have prevented evil by creating a world of automata, it is a good thing that he did not.

In brief, the problem is this: The traditional conception of God is as omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and benevolent.

This implies that if God exists then he knows how to, wants to, and is able to prevent all suffering.


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