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It is important to emphasize number relationships with your students to help them learn how numbers are interconnected and how numbers can be used in meaningful ways.Some examples of number relationships are comparison relationships and part-whole relationships.Understanding quantity is pivotal to your students' ability to develop number sense.

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KS1 Problem Solving is a series of graded books which help children to sharpen their mathematical skills by applying their knowledge to a range of 'real-life' situations, such as shopping and telling the time.

Exercises include addition and subtraction, shapes and their properties and concepts of time.

Having good number sense involves an understanding of the many relationships that exist among numbers.

Number Relationships is one of the key mathematical principles or “Big Ideas” in Number Sense and Numeration.

And students who grasp quantities like five and ten go on to excel at place value, mathematical operations, and fractions.

Comprehending decimal numbers is an important development in students’ understanding of number.

Counting and Representation are two of the key mathematical principles or “Big Ideas” in Number Sense and Numeration, and are closely linked together.

Asking your students “how many” questions helps them to think about numbers and develop number sense.

Understanding Reasoning helps pupils to understand and answer the reasoning questions found in the 11 , 12 , 13 and other school selection tests.

The books provide explanations and examples of all 11 question types, together with 'how to' instructions and workbook-style activities to consolidate learning.


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