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You can also limit your search to items containing Full text from Pro Quest and Peer Reviewed items to only find documents reviewed by subject matter experts.

Use the Publication date menu to target a date range or a specific date.

The bibliographic database (without full-text dissertations) is known as Dissertations Abstracts or Dissertations Abstracts International.

PQDT annually publishes more than 90% of all dissertations submitted from accredited institutions of higher learning in North America as well as from colleges and universities in Europe and Asia.

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Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT) is an online database that indexes, abstracts, and provides full-text access to dissertations and theses.Anywhere except full text (NOFT) searches the full bibliographic record, but does NOT include a search of the full text.If you are the Pro Quest Administrator for your account, visit the Pro Quest Administrator Module page to learn more about the interface settings that are available for edit.You can then select the subject terms that you would like to add to your search.For additional details on how to use the - restrict your search to documents from one or more source types—such as magazines, newspapers, or trade journals.The thesaurus shows relationships between terms such as synonyms or related terms, and hierarchical arrangements such as broader terms, or narrower terms.Most Pro Quest databases have an associated thesaurus.Indexes every doctoral dissertation completed in the U. Policy for Use of Licensed Electronic Resources Use of the databases linked from these pages is governed by the UConn Library's Use of Licensed Electronic Resources Policy. Includes some master"s theses and foreign language dissertations. From 2012 to present, UConn dissertations and theses can be found in Open [email protected] most cases, this will be graduate works published in 1997 forward.Access to a university's Dissertations & Theses @ account is based on the IP ranges associated with the university campus.


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