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The prospect of robots in childcare roles is exceptionally contentious, for it connotes interference with the child-caregiver attachment bond.The industry’s response to psychology-informed concerns is to ‘rebrand’ the product as a robot companion for a child or as a home robot for the family.These observations intersect with the present issue, firstly, apropos the immediate level of accessing online information about robots and children, whereby one enters the culture of presentism and postnarrativity.

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A technocentric bias in information disseminated online creates an illusion of expertise and may endorse technology-driven morality.) is fast becoming blurred’ (p. Socially interactive robots come into being within this lifeworld of blurred boundaries, and increasingly differ from the androids of classic science fiction and folklore.

Bots in various forms and degrees of physical embodiment are already part of everyday life.

The attachment bond formed between an infant and a human caregiver is believed to set the foundation for individuals’ personality development, mental health, intimate relationships and commitments in adulthood (e.g. The industry’s response to concerns in this vein is to deflect from the controversy by ‘rebranding’ the product as a robot companion for children or as a home robot for the family (examples throughout the following).

In Britain, the topic attracted media attention first in 2008.

Up to a point, this takes a cue from postphenomenology.

Ihde () has noted a recent ‘empirical turn’ in philosophy of technology, expressed in research centred on case studies and descriptive concreteness, and marked by attention to how technological materiality enters the lifeworld.

In the polyphonic onslaught of informational flows, the term ‘robot’ acquires meaningfulness beyond the concrete referent.

It becomes ‘an object formed in discourse in more profound ways than being the subject of talk about machines that engineers build.

Under the headline, ‘Robot nannies threat to child care’, the reported concerns raised by professor of robotics Noel Sharkey during the Cheltenham Science Festival.

It could be ‘all too easy to leave the kids with a robot and watch what is going on in the corner of your computer screen. This may be quite safe and entertaining but what kind of role model is a robot? ’ (Sharkey, quoted in Highfield ) outlined an argument firmly grounded in developmental psychology—citing Bowlby’s attachment theory and more—and implored policymakers to put in place statutory interventions to prevent potential misuses of robots by irresponsible parents.


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