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Google is hosting this data unchanged, except for repackaging into zip files.

Because the disambiguation of inventor identities is an ongoing effort, there are likely to be errors observable in the Patents View data tables.

The team welcomes feedback as we continue to improve our disambiguation methodology.

For more information, visit the Methods and Sources section of the website.

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The Trademark database will show only the last recorded owner, not the complete chain of title.

The complete chain of title can be obtained from the Assignment Recordation Branch’s database on the USPTO website at Assignments on the Web.Please visit the USPTO's Electronic Bulk Data Products site for access to the latest downloads.Patents (grants, published applications, assignments, classification information, and maintenance fee events) Trademarks (registrations, applications, assignments, and TTAB proceedings) All data originated from the USPTO.You can now access a wider variety of patent-specific documents page.For the latest updates of the database, see the Currency of information page. This database lets you access 150 years of patent descriptions and images.You can search, retrieve and study more than 2,380,000 patent documents.From the Patents View database, simple assignee and lawyer disambiguations are performed, and the patents are geocoded with a location-based disambiguation.Data are then fed into the inventor disambiguation algorithm in order to identify clusters of inventor names that are determined to be the same individual.New bulk public PAIR data can be downloaded from Reed Tech.These data sets are no longer being updated as of 2015.


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