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The department/college/school chair/dean signs to indicate that all the appropriate departmental procedures and policies were followed.The Thesis Office obtains the signature of the dean of The Graduate School after the editing process is completed.It is placed after the copyright page and before the abstract.

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: Numbers given to subheadings, tables and/or figures, equations, etc.

to indicate the chapter and number within that chapter of a given subheading, table, or figure, etc.

Please note that words with common prefixes (e.g., non, re, anti, pro, post, pre, micro, multi, etc.) should be treated as one word except when preceding a capitalized word or number (e.g., post-1970) or when the word could be misunderstood (e.g., un-ionized would be confused with unionized).

Hyphens are also generally used when the prefix ends and the base word begins with the same vowel (e.g., meta-analysis).

: Indicates that a thesis/dissertation is ready to be approved by the department/college/school chair/dean.

This form has the student’s full legal name typed at the top, and committee member’s names are typed underneath their respective signature lines (committee members sign on the line that has their name typed underneath).: Refers to the back-and-forth process in which students 1) submit a document, 2) receive corrections from an editor, 3) make the edits and resubmit a revised document to the editor.This process is repeated until format approval is granted.An em dash is used similarly to a comma or colon to amplify a digression from the text (e.g., Studies—published and unpublished—are included). An em dash (—) is longer than a hyphen (-) or en dash (–).: Indicates that a thesis/dissertation is ready to be submitted to the Thesis Office.Heading spaces are used below main headings and above subheadings.Regardless of the word processing program being used to write the document, the heading spaces must be created consistently throughout the document so that they are always the same size.For example, a table numbered 2.3 would indicate that it is the third table to appear in Chapter 2.: Headings that indicate a new chapter or titled section of the document.Spaces between text that have no relation to the end of the chapter, margins, or spacing scheme, for example, an extra space between paragraphs and a large margin or white space at the bottom of the page when it is not the end of a chapter.Some word processing programs may have a default to automatically add a gap between each paragraph. : A space that is larger than the double spaces used in a document.


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