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More on that later but let’s explore the role of ferrets in the environment first.

For millennia, ferrets were used for “ferreting” out rodents, rabbits and moles from their burrows.

On the good side, they provide lots of giggles with antics like hiding your car keys behind the sofa because they love shiny objects.

On the bad side, they love shiny things and will hide your car keys!

Their curious nature combined with their slim build makes them perfect for such a hunting role.

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They have been used in various places around the world to control overpopulation of rabbits including by Caesar Augustus.Then, in 2003, I got my break from the life of desks, spreadsheets, quotas, meetings and mega-egos when the opportunity to publish Pet Talk manifested. It was a huge learning curve but I took the leap and never looked back.For all of the gratefulness I have in finding this path, I decided to start a column in 2019 about my love of all creatures and to share the unique qualities of many species with you, in hopes that you too will celebrate the value of animals that make our world so interesting, sustainable and beautiful.I’ve often heard people say that they would love to have a ferret for a pet but “they smell bad”.It’s true they have a musky scent but in my research I’ve found that there are many things you can do to minimize odors.Hence the name “ferret” which is derived from the Latin furittus, meaning “little thief”.I just love that they are so busy and allow their curiosity to guide them rather than crouching away in fear of all things.In the digital world, it’s easy to share, collaborate, learn and even grow with people you have never met before.I love that idea…that I can connect with someone around the corner or across the globe.Exemplifying a robust curiosity of all things is probably best represented by my little friend here, LUNA, a cute and funny member of the scientific family, Mustelidae.I have done only two photoshoots with a ferret and I have to compliment the photographers for photographing a “constantly moving” target.


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