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In accordance to a study conducted by Moule, Evans, and Pollard (2012), it was gained that the PDSA model holds up ground-breaking performance development as it helps nurses expound the work processes.

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Social media on the other hand needs to absorb the traditional media and work in collaboration. Through it, the employee should receive one’s due share of benefits in terms of remuneration, rewards and sanctions, psychological motivation, wholesome and safe working environment, among others.

This may be described as a symbiotic relationship between them where each form complements the other. The Revolution in digitized ICTs and emergence of social networking sites transformed traditional media to new mass media: A rise of new age media. Performance appraisals are supposed to encourage continuance and stability, not only of the workers, but also of managerial personnel from the frontline to top management.

This process, as mentioned by Shamian (2007) in his study, evaluates and affects the ability of a student nurse, as well as a professional nurse, to prioritize medical intercessions as they are provided and to assess the varying probabilities of the situation.

Decision analysis is such a vital process in the field of nursing that it has been divided into sub-divisions of formulations that include the processes like gaining the philosophy, evaluating the theory, working on the methodology, and then implementing it into professional practice.

It has been evaluated to be an effective cycle of analysis as it creates space for unremitting improvement and is effective for the nurses who are beginning a new clinical formulation.

The PDSA cycle develops and improves the design of the process of decision making as it advances an effective product or service of judgment.As a result, the learning outcome, upon finishing the reading, resulted......controversy.Six articles were reviewed, 4 randomized clinical trials, 1 meta-analysis, and one chart review.As Fatum from the University of San Francisco (2009) examined, the betterment of human decisions depends on their emotional awareness and time, which is why decision analysis for a nurse needs to be emotion free and completely professional.Thus, this process addresses the important decision making structures in formal manners.Hence, the function of this integrative literature review is to analyze the method of decision analysis and the adult learning theory along with its reference to the edification to nurses for a successful evaluation and elucidation of an intervention plan.The method of Plan, Do, Study and Act (PDSA) is considered by ASQ (2004) to be the most effective cycle that can be formulated by nurses for decision analysis.This was revaluated to have resulted in the ability of nurses in gaining insights into their own care system which helped them implement any changes to make it better.When Knowles (1978) presented the theory of adult learning, it was specified that in the process of learning an adult needs to be evaluated and judged by the educator in order to convey what is actually being taught.When referenced to nursing Knowles theory of adult learning as found out by Merriam (2002), it was verified that the learning procedure somewhere lies between the pedagogy and andragogy, however, the basic idea was found out by the study of both the above scholars ( to be the dependence of the learner on the instructor, and the distinction of the educator which is necessary for any learning process.If specifically directed towards the 5th grade level of nurses, it can be elucidated that a challenge needs to be provided for the evaluation of their self assessment and betterment abilities.


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