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Although still in early stages, this technology has signaled potential and breakthroughs in many areas such as medicine, computer technology, food industry, building construction, environment protection to mention just a few.The many exciting products it promises have served to draw a lot of attention to it.

Although still in early stages, this technology has signaled potential and breakthroughs in many areas such as medicine, computer technology, food industry, building construction, environment protection to mention just a few.

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It is one of the most active areas of nanotechnology due it promises of novel therapeutic applications in crucial areas such as cancer therapy, drug delivery, imaging, biosensors and diagnosis.

Nanoparticles have been cited as having great potential in vivo imaging applications (Solomon & D’Souza, 2011).

As nanotechnology gains widespread application in various disciplines, it is imperative to understand its potential effects.

This is important for its long terms sustainability.

It is also equally critical to set up necessary control legislations and benchmark standards to control research and commercial application of this emerging technology.

The last half of the last century witnessed the technological world going “micro” evidenced by microdevices and microparticles.

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology which is developing at an exponential rate.

The technology utilizes novel characteristics of materials that are exhibited only at nanoscale level.

The applications of nanotechnology are as a result of investigating and utilizing these properties (Wickson et al., 2010).

There are a host of substances utilised in nanotechnology, the most researched ones are carbon, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide (Robinson, 2010).


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