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In the USMC’s Use Case “Measuring Virtual Simulation Value in Training Exercises,” researchers assessed the training value achieved through the addition of an integrated virtual training simulation compared to that of a non-integrated training environment.

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Following the training, two independent reviewers rated videos of the students repeatedly performing the learned moves and evaluated them blindly (without knowing which students had received instructional video training versus those students who had participated in virtual reality).

Each student was assigned a final score which was then matched-up with self-reports from each participant.

“Virtual Memory Palaces: Immersion Aids Recall,” published by researchers from the University of Maryland explored the advantages of using a virtual memory palace viewed through a head-mounted VR display versus a desktop computer and mouse configuration.

The study selected 40 participants from the University campus, and the surrounding community and each participant was shown two scenes and two sets of faces paired with names.

One group using the integrated virtual reality simulation and the other a non-integrated training environment.

The trainees who were exposed to the virtual simulation training reported that 70% completion of assigned tasks.the costs of running a live environment simulation showed .7 million in costs avoided through the use of virtual simulations.Project Goal: Increase Training Value This research paper will support business cases for improved training results over live training environments as well as supporting VR training cost effectiveness.Full immersion is extremely useful for learning activity involving bodily coordination from learning surgical skills to combat training, from dance to martial arts, from riding a bicycle to repairing a computer, or even something as simple as cooking an egg.The study compared learning in an image-based, fully immersive VR program to learning from instructional videos alone.This study seeks to inspire and inform interdisciplinary researchers and learners about the ways in which VR might support them and also VR software developers to push the limits of their craft.Virtual reality training research is helping more and more companies understand that a VR training program can be the fastest, most effective way to train their employees.Affordable VR powered by mobile technologies is opening a new world of opportunities that can transform the ways in which we learn and engage with others.This paper reports our study regarding the application of VR in stimulating interdisciplinary communication.A review of all scores showed that students who participated in immersive virtual environments were both better rated by the assessors and self-reported a superior training experience.Project Goal: Learn a physical task This research paper will support a business case for VR training programs as a more effective methodology for learning physical tasks In the Boeing-funded paper, “Intelligent Tutoring: Bridging the Gap from Knowing to Doing,” researchers examined the ability to apply training-acquired cognitive knowledge to action in real life situations.


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