Research Proposal Memo Example

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The goal of a memo is to convey essential information quickly, so you should not distract your audience even if you are only trying to be friendly.

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Answering these questions will help you determine the appropriate tone and structure for your memo.

A progress report is a specific kind of memo that summarizes recent and future work on a specific project.

Memos are less formal than scientific papers or lengthy technical reports, but they should still show a respectful and professional tone.

Unlike e-mail messages, memos should remain formal even if you know your audience well.

Like e-mail messages, memos are common in many workplaces.

A memo may serve as an informal proposal to pitch a new idea to a supervisor or manager.The target audience of a memo is a decision maker, for whom you are going to collect all necessary pieces of information and put them into one puzzle.Take into account that the decision maker doesn't know about the issue at all or he/she knows little about the problem.End your progress report by summarizing the current status of the project, good news, and key problems.State again whether the project will be completed on time and on budget.In this sample, Stefan Kovic has written a progress report to Kitty Jones to update her on his Ph. The same basic rules also apply to progress reports — which are a specialized type of memo.Managers usually review written progress reports quickly, so emphasize key ideas and important issues at the top of any paragraphs or bulleted lists.Here, remind the audience what the project is and why it is important.Explain who is affected by the project, when the work began, and when you expect it to end.State early in the memo whether the work will be completed on time and on budget, and also note any problems you have encountered.The most important part of the progress report is the introduction.


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