Research Proposal On Consumer Behaviour

Research Proposal On Consumer Behaviour-59
Tellis (1997) also abutted the same idea that companies need to build emotional connections with customers in order to gain the higher share of customer loyalty and thus induce more repeat sales and more words of mouth. (1997) postulated that in the long run, marketing campaigns focusing on promotions of price such as free offer make consumers more price savvy in both non-loyal as well as loyal segments.Reibstein (2002) also supported this statement by conducting a study where he concluded that customer service support is the cardinal parameter, which attracts repeat buying and hence, lowers the cost spent on advertising campaigns.Non-loyal customers prefer those companies where they always receive promotional offers and hence, will never stick to one company as they keep looking for better deals.

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As a marketing manager, should one focus on search engines like Google, Alta vista, Yahoo, etc. ” The answer is ‘no ‘and hence, how can a company dynamically build up the content to address these customer segments?

As previously explained, customers no longer have a dearth of choices.

As discussed above, the content of communication has a far ever lasting impact on how customers perceive and value information they receive, imbibe, and how this information affects their association with the brand and the marketer (Merisavo, 2006).

Duncan and Moriarty (1998) emphasized on communication more than persuasion to build long term relations with the customer.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the major challenges in the field and to find out a way to combat them.

In Belgium, digital media came into existence about a decade ago.The Internet era has transformed almost everything, including shifting our personal inspirations to professional aspirations.It has influenced our education, occupation, lifestyle, achievements, possessions, relations, beliefs, and perception of life.If they cannot relate themselves to any content, they will simply stop buying any products for that company.Hence, the integrated marketing communication should be coherent about the product starting from its marketing strategy to the culminating at launching of media campaign.On one hand, it is a boon for customers as well as the corporate world; on the other hand, it has consumed businesses that could not withstand the challenge.Since the environment around us is getting dynamic day by day, so will be the lifespan of the companies.We are living in the world that overwhelms us with numerous choices.The customization of products has opened new vistas for visionaries.The last decade has witnessed several major changes in the world economy.These changes are attributed to globalization of trade market, rising expectations of customers, and customization of products and services.


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