Risk Management Case Study

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“It makes risk measurable and provides us with a clear net risk position.” The partnership with Protecht has enabled the NRL to identify, assess and mitigate risk in a more structured and practical manner, but importantly, allowed the executive team to track progress and assess the impact of controls.Read this Case Study Craig Greenwood, Toyota Financial Services Chief Compliance Officer and his team wanted to continue using established business procedures but move away from manual processes and find a more efficient and flexible way to work. Read this Case Study Fund Manager, Eureka Funds Management previously relied on excel spreadsheets to record and manage risk.As experienced risk management and insurance intermediaries, advisors identify risk, examine the adequacy of existing programs and develop customized solutions to reduce exposure, eliminate duplicate coverage and minimize premiums.

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An effective case study transfers specific knowledge by placing the student or workshop participant in a position to think through choices faced by decision-makers in real-life situations.

By confronting actual scenarios, participants develop and refine analytical skills for solving similar problems in their own projects (NASA, 2008).

This paper follows the NASA/GSFC case study development methodology for case studies.

(National Aeronautic and Space Administration [NASA], 2008) A case study may be understood best as a narrative, based on actual events, that creates an opportunity for conversation, problem analysis, and virtual decision-making.

The main challenge was gaining comfort that we would be able to demonstrate the value that we expected would be delivered by that investment to other people within the company” says Matthew Spithill, Chief Financial Officer, Eureka Funds Management.

Risk Management Case Study

This case study highlights how Eureka Funds Management has used Protecht.

A project may choose to use a risk universe checklist (historical review), together with assumptions analysis (current assessment) and brainstorming (creativity).

The design and construction of a refinery is inherently complex.

Erik Gates, Director of Prudential Investment Services Corp., explains how Protecht has enhanced and made his business highly competitive in the industry.

Imagine you are the program risk engineer for a new refinery being built in the Middle East.


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