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And if so, whether being multilingual can help our personal and professional development. Read more Imagine being tied up in a situation where you know exactly what you want but you cannot get it because you are un able to communicate. Communication is a very significant tool in the realization of any goal be it at a job, marriage or even friendship.The world keeps advancing every year tending us towards a time where individuals ...

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Actually, this is a scenario that has gradually become a reality either due to the need of people to interact, to have access to information or ...Employees who multilingual no matter what area today are now preferred by employers more often.In addition, multilingualism also changes the structure of the brain to a significant extent.Multilingualism refers to a situation when a child confronts more than one language at the same time. Read more Multilingualism is the use of three or more languages for communication purposes (Paradowski & Bator, 2016).Research has shown that there are more multilingual than monolingual people in the world. However, many misconceptions also exist on this subject.This fact has always been accepted as an inevitable consequence of globalism. Read more My name is Anyele Endam Tracey and I am 19 years old.I moved to South Africa (SA) eight months ago and I am a first year student at Monash University, SA.Not only that, but multilingualism allows cognitive social linguistic improvement (Moritz-Saladino).This brings about the importance of multilingualism ...In the past, foreign language education was given only in schools.Nowadays, in addition to schools, foreign language teaching is ...


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