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Shopping addiction and drug addiction share many of the same traits and behaviors, except instead of being addicted to substances, individuals who suffer from shopping addiction are addicted to the feelings triggered by shopping, or to the act of shopping itself.

When left untreated, shopping addiction can interfere with your mental and emotional health and cause problems surrounding your finances, relationships, career, and education.

These individuals may use shopping as a way to relieve symptoms, not knowing their behaviors could trigger another addiction.

Researchers indicate that as many as 75% of compulsive shoppers will admit they have a problem, but don’t know how to get help.

For instance, a person who comes home after a day-long shopping spree may start feeling guilty and remorseful about their spending and use drugs and alcohol to escape their negative feelings.

The presence of another addiction or mental health disorder in addition to shopping addiction is known as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis and can be treated at the same time as a shopping addiction.To find out how she changed her shopping habits, scroll on down!Here are five shopping tips we learned from Confessions of a Shopaholic.But wait – these will go perfectly with those distressed jeans. Wow, those gold aviator sunglasses will really tie this whole outfit together. Whether we have an event coming up or we’re rewarding ourselves for a job well done on a project, we may find ourselves at the nearest department store or online checking out the latest deals.According to Psychology Today, there’s some truth behind the idea of “retail therapy.” But like many other things, it’s only good in moderation.Before we’re in too deep, let’s follow the advice from the inspiring Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher), the heroine of Directed by P. Hogan, this 2009 romantic comedy is about a young shopping addict who’s determined to become a journalist for a famous fashion publication.Along the way, her favorite pastime gets the best of her, resulting in 12 maxed-out credit cards.Shopping addiction tends to be more common among certain personality types.People who identify as extroverts may use shopping to boost or maintain their physical appearance and social appeal, and become addicted to buying new outfits for every occasion.Even if there are sales both online and in-store, buying more and often will add up.Other ways to stop impulse buying include unsubscribing from mailing lists, checking your mood before you shop, and carrying cash – sometimes seeing the money disappear limits buying things you don’t need.


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