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For example, the city must be organised in such a way that people of all ages can walk or cycle with ease, while the city should remain accessible.Water management forms an essential part of this: water features provide significant cooling in summer and contribute to relaxation, while transport by boat may even reduce the traffic on the road.

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Companies can then use this data to develop apps, software or other products aimed at the customer.

The Dutch government will support the Knowledge Centre, and the EU (Horizon2020) and foreign governments are also potential sources of funding for joint projects.

Deltares now has a project in Bandung, a city of millions on the Indonesian island of Java.

'We are looking at how resourceful water management can decrease the chances of infectious diseases such as diarrhoea,' says Hans Gehrels.

This, in particular, is found at intersections of major roads.

The area surrounding Utrecht Central Station – coloured orange – scores average; a few peripheral areas with woodlands and water are coloured bright green (assessment: 'good').

Because of climate changes such flooding is expected more frequently in many delta areas.

Ronald Smetsers: 'The next step will then be an app that warns motorists real time.

Any area with lack of proper waste disposal facility is going to harbour germs, bacteria and microorganisms that do anything but good to the human inhabitants.

Untended garbage can consist of decaying pots and discarded tyres.


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