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He liked to watch the canal barges move along the Concord River, loaded with bricks or iron ore, and was thrilled when the boatmen let him leap aboard for a short passage.

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He was always a thoughtful, serious boy, in advance of his years, – wishing to have and do things his own way, and ever fond of wood and field; honest, pure, and good; a treasure to his parents, and a fine example for less happily constituted younglings to follow. Samuel Hoar gave him the title of ‘the judge’ from his gravity, and the boys at the town school used to assemble about him as he sat on the fence, to hear his account of things.” Thoreau had a knack for mechanics and construction.

According to Channing, when sudden rain storms would threaten his walks in the woods, Thoreau could build a makeshift shelter in a matter of minutes with nothing more than a knife.

John Thoreau, Sr, was the son of a French Protestant immigrant, Jean Thoreau. Helier, Isle of Jersey, in 1754 and immigrated to America in 1773.

Henry David Thoreau’s maternal family, the Dunbar family, were of English descent, according to the book The Personality of Thoreau: “On the Thoreau side they were French and English, – the two races having mingled in the Channel Islands – with a sprinkling of Scotch ancestry; while on the Dunbar side they were Scotch and English, filtered through many generations of New England colonists, some of whom took the English or Tory side in the Revolution of Washington and the Adamses.” A close friend of Henry David Thoreau, fellow writer William Ellery Channing, wrote in his 1871 biography of his friend, titled Thoreau: The Poet-naturalist, that Thoreau sometimes spoke with a faint French accent, which Channing suggested was due to his French ancestry: “Henry retained a peculiar pronunciation of the letter r, with a decided French accent.

Henry David Thoreau was a writer from Concord, Massachusetts who was a part of the transcendentalist movement in the 19th century.

He is most famous for his book Walden which is about his two-year experience of living in a cabin at Walden Pond in Concord.Would they had been better told, or better remembered!For my memory is as poor as was her talk perennial.Thoreau attended an overcrowded public grammar school in Concord before entering Concord Academy with his brother John in 1828.When Thoreau wasn’t in school, he was outside exploring nature and taking long walks in the woods and fields with his parents, who were also nature lovers.Perhaps a more active flow of blood might have afforded an escape from other and later troubles.” Henry David Thoreau’s family struggled financially until Henry’s Uncle Charlie stumbled upon a graphite mine in New Hampshire in 1821.Charlie put a claim in on the mine and he and Thoreau’s father went into business together using the graphite to make pencils.After finishing his final year at Concord Academy in 1833, Thoreau reluctantly began to prepare to go to Harvard University.Although his father suggested he become an apprentice to a carpenter or cabinet-maker, his mother insisted that he get the best education he could.Henry David Thoreau was born on July 12, 1817 in a farmhouse, known as the Minot house, on Virginia Road in Concord, Mass.Thoreau was actually born David Henry Thoreau but began calling himself Henry David after finishing college, although he never legally changed his name.


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