Six Steps To Problem Solving

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They don't have to have the solutions, they have to have the right questions to ask to shape the problem.

There is this thinking in the Western world, which is Christmas and we usually give presents in Christmas to the kids.

You know when you speak about certain person and you say the person has criteria, it's one of the best things that you can say about anyone.

It's one of the things that could stack person above other people, because it implies that when you ask questions to that person, he has some kind of question that makes the answer more interesting. Say they have a question that makes the answer that they are giving you more interesting.

Which criteria do you use to give presents to the kids?

Are you going to give them Play Station one, two, three, four, five, six, seven or are you going to give them a bicycle?

You read and you realize that some political turmoil has happened or that the European Union is not doing that right thing.

Or that I don't know, China's growths has stopped or has increased, or a myriad of things that do have something to do with you.

And then you start looking for those other symptoms.

If you find those symptoms you end saying yes, we have the right problem identified at the first step.


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