Techniques For Writing A Persuasive Essay

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If I need to write a piece on Lincoln, I’ll (basically) summarize a Wikipedia article on Lincoln and a review of Steven Spielberg’s 2012 movie. That he only freed the slaves from a calculated, military motivation?

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The author also makes an effort to avoid condoning this behavior in teenagers (“that sometimes ends in tragedy”) which will endear them to the authority figures doing the reading and grading.

Once you’ve got a draft completed, go through every paragraph looking for explicit connections back to your argument.

If you have a hard time coming up with creative arguments, seek out help!

There’s probably a kid in your class who argues with the teacher constantly – make friends with them, and have them throw out some ideas.

These sorts of statements make very good closing paragraphs, especially if you feel a bit stupid writing, “In conclusion…” and then repeating everything you’ve just written about for 4 pages. Many students will start with an interesting idea, but then they drop back to The Land of Summary. Imagine we started with the argument about teenagers loving cars because they can do all sorts of illegal and immoral activities in them. Example (color coding added for clarity): For how much the media will dwell on local high school students killed in a car wreck, especially if alcohol is involved, the statistics on accidents involving alcohol indicate there is a signifant problem.

But then our body paragraphs just quote statistics about car sales, car accidents, etc. Every paragraph should CLEARLY tie back to the thesis. Use the same language (or close to the same language) in every paragraph to hammer your point home. While teenagers love the freedom of the automobile so they can get away from supervision of all kinds, alcohol is clearly a top escape.

We are giving the counterargument some respect, but ultimately begging to differ.

This is the heart of debate and dialog, and a key skill for any writer. So when you’re quoting statistics, add a sentence or two that interprets that evidence to support your argument.

While a slightly lower overall number and percentage than older age groups, this is still a very large number, especially given the relative amount of miles driven by the age group.

Teenagers are using their cars to engage in activities they would never be allowed to enjoy at home.


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