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Maybe Ron Jeremy’s killer cells were tired of being nagged and so they left. Sue had been dealing with various types of chronic neuroimmune diseases since the eighties: chronic Lyme, Epstein-​Barr.

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Though he does not have HIV, he has done a course of two HIV drugs—Viread and Isentress—simultaneously.

The hypothesis with these drugs was that if one part of his immune system was compromised, perhaps the drugs that treated an alternate part of his immune system would have some effect. He has done testosterone patches and prednisone, green tea extract, St.

It was still on Second Avenue then, and not yet a bank. For a man and woman, this put us at the same maturity level.

Ron Jeremy got matzoh ball soup, which I told him was kind of goyish. Afterward, we sat on a bench with the pigeons pooping around us and kissed. He had impeccable taste in music and books, and a lot of integrity when it came to bullshit. Ron Jeremy told me that he would be going to Paris for ten days. And every time he became bedridden, he stayed there for months.

John’s wort, fish oil, iron supplements, and ginseng. There was a vitamin drip, coenzyme Q‑10, probiotics, some mushroom pill.

There was a heavy course of Chinese medicine with Dr. J, gluten-​free, dairy-​free, sugar-​free, and every other elimination diet. There was a coffee enema, wherein Ron Jeremy lay spread eagle on our bathroom floor with his ass in the air and I shot a pot of coffee into his asshole via an enema bag and a tube.

I have never told the story of my husband’s illness.

His illness is not my illness, and so I did not think it was my story to tell.

If we knew each other in a past life, he was definitely my grandmother or mother. If anything, our ten-​year age difference reflects only my mommy issues. Only later did it hit me that he didn’t want to ruin what was still a fairly new relationship. In Ron Jeremy’s case, she was able to trace his illness to a heavy viral load and his overactive detector cells.

Ron Jeremy and I fooled around that night in his brown bed. The illness had been a catalyst in the destruction of a prior relationship. Also, most important, he suffered from an extreme deficit of killer cells.


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