The Great Gatsby Character Essay

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The novel was written in a time when men could batter women if dissatisfied by their actions.

The novel was written in a time when men could batter women if dissatisfied by their actions.

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This he does openly as he invites Nick, Daisy’s cousin to meet his mistress Myrtle Wilson.

Nick’s reflection on the relationship between Tom and Daisy, Tom and Myrtle show a break of social norms.

Tom’s relationship with the two women is abusive and of so much control.

He abuses Myrtle publicly in the name of making her straight by even beating her.

His admiration of Gatsby in having “an extra ordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness he had never found in any other person and which it was not likely he could ever find again” (Fitzgerald 1) overpowered his questions on Gatsby’s character and that of his company.

This shows that men dominance was key since women were to follow what the men wanted them to, not their choices.Nick describes the mansion as “a colossal affair by any standard- it is an imitation of some hotel de villa in Normandy, with a tower on one side, spanking new under a thin beard of raw ivy, and a marble swimming pool, and more than forty acres of lawn and garden” (Fitzgerald 1).The introduction brings out an aspect of male occupying the greater portion of wealth.These two men were relatively young and yet so rich to own such property at their age.The mentioned women, Daisy, Jordan and Myrtle are just an attachment to the men in the society since they all at some level depict an aspect of lack of independence since men dominate their every aspect of life.Nick being a man supports other men, Tom and Gatsby in their moves.After knowing that Gatsby had been in love with Daisy before she got married, he allows a reconnection to happen in his own house despite the fact that Gatsby’s credibility was still in question to him.The great Gatsby is one of the oldest novels having been written in 1925.From the novel, it is evident that it was written in the days when the society was by far patriarchal.“The instant her voice broke off…I felt the basic insincerity of what she had said.It made me uneasy, as though the whole evening had been a trick”’ (10).


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