The Importance Of Being Bilingual. Essay

The Importance Of Being Bilingual. Essay-71
According to common underlying proficiency (CUP) model of language processing, even though the database of different languages is interconnected in our minds, it is stored in separate compartments and thus does not interfere or encroach upon the other.

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Research has revealed that the practice of bilingualism is beneficial in the following ways.➜ A bilingual individual's brain has two active language systems which work simultaneously without hindering the performance of other.

Thus, ensuring that the brain is always exercising both its linguistically oriented cognitive functions.➜ Bilinguals are also able to conjure multiple phrases or words for each idea and object.

Whereas, it can be extremely challenging for monolinguals to step out of their comfort zone and communicate with people who do not speak the same language as them.

There is a growing desire for employees who can speak more than one language.

One way to help delay Alzheimer’s Disease is by leaning a second language and keeping the mind going.

Being bilingual also helps you earn more money than your colleagues too as well.It helps enhance and enrich a person's mental development and awareness, because the rate of language assimilation, retentivity, and grasping of phonetics is higher among bilinguals as compared to monolinguals.➜ Research has revealed that bilingual and multilingual individuals tend to perform better in competitive examinations.It is believed that bilinguals fare better at IQ tests because of their ability to think of multiple possible scenarios, so as to derive a suitable conclusion.➜ Bilingual children can easily break down words into its component sounds and therefore categorizing words comes naturally to them.Bilingualism offers greater exposure to different cultures and builds bridges between them.Knowledge of different languages entails a treasure of traditional and contemporary sayings, idioms, history, folk stories, music, movies, literature, and poetry of different countries and cultures.An extensive cultural experience also creates greater tolerance, open-mindedness, and appreciation.Bilinguals are preferred over monolinguals for jobs that require them to travel extensively or communicate with a wider group of people.This ability to grasp and improve, makes it easier for bilinguals to learn newer languages and evolve into multilingual speakers.➜ Cognitive flexibility also improves through divergent and convergent thinking, wherein the speaker builds on a single idea and derives a suitable conclusion after scrutinizing various arguments.This ability has been attributed to parallel data processing.➜ Bilingual speakers develop metalinguistic awareness and can differentiate between the implied and literal meaning of words and phrases.Such people can think beyond labels, symbols, and language structure because their minds are not restrained to think in a single language.➜ While conversing with others, a bilingual will automatically switch to the language which is understood by the listener so as to ease the flow of communication.Whereas, monolinguals would be forced to converse in the only language they know.➜ Being bilingual has a positive effect on intellectual growth as well.


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