The Martian Chronicles Essay

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That skill allows them to pick up on the arrival of the humans, as well as the devastation that invasion will cause.

Telepathy helps the Martians beat back the first couple waves of people, but…well, I bet you can guess what ultimately happens with that.

Pinpoint one passage from the novel that you think is overly sentimental, melodramatic, or simply bad. Contrast chicken pox and atomic war as types of apocalypse. It also includes cases of hallucination-inducing telepathy.

Note that, in this novel, both are the fault of Earthlings. Discuss the function of truth and reality in the novel.

The tone of "And the Moon Still Be Bright", however, is against change, but against a negative change.

In "Night Meeting", one of the characters flat out says that he thinks that change is necessary on Mars.Bradbury’s work demonstrates a rare ability to celebrate and warn at the same time, and this book demonstrates the union of those sentiments at their finest.With all the current talk about colonizing Mars, Bradbury’s book has achieved new relevance.The bulk of the book describes the human colonization of the planet and how they alter it to suit their own needs.The movement to Mars picks up steam when atomic war threatens to break out on Earth, which reflects concerns at the time Bradbury wrote the book (1950).The book opens with a Martian couple who happens to be just as dysfunctional as some human couples — their relationship is fraught with jealousy, mistrust, and skewed power dynamics.But juxtaposed against that human-like realness Bradbury gives us firebirds as transportation, scarves that pop out of vials, and stoves that operate via running lava.That foreshadows the change that will soon take place on Mars.On Mars, however, the Martians are resistant to change.How does the theme of family fit into a novel about the frontier?Is it significant that the final story, which is also, in many ways, the most optimistic, is also the only one that prominently features an intact family?


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