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They are also important in terms of the overall work, as they offer Holden every opportunity to break out from the isolation that becomes his overriding characteristic.The problem, of course, is that the character allows his own fear of putting himself out there to stop any chance that he would have at maintaining and creating new relationships.

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The connection that can be drawn between these two works is a strong one.

Each of these characters has their entire existence decided by their relationships in one way of another.

In this way, he is a clear representation of a person who desires a one-way relationship where there is no risk.

In Zora Neale Hurston’s work, the ideal of the perfect relationship is presented much differently.

In this way, it can be said that these two works represent relationships as a great equalizer.

It does not matter how weak or how strong a person is.

This is not reality, though, as the world around Holden is constantly changing.

Each and every day when he wakes up, Holden has to wonder about what will happen to him and this is something that makes him uneasy. Though Holden is not good at relationships and never really has any success in relationships, they are incredibly important to him.

Specifically, the books deal with how young people deal with the changing world around them.

The one not obvious connection that can be drawn between the two books is that, in both, relationships play an important role in shaping how the main character develops in the changing and dangerous world around them.


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