Therapeutic Relationships In Nursing Essay

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The way we ask a question, the tone, and pitch, volume and speed all have an integral part to play in non - verbal communication.

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About 60 – 65 per cent of communication between people is through non - verbal behaviours and that these behaviours can give clues to feelings and emotions the patient may be experiencing (Foley 2010, p. Non-verbal communication adds depth to speech; to re affirm verbal communication; to control the flow of communication; to convey emotions; to help define relationships and a way of giving feedback.

The integration between verbal language and paralanguage (vocal), can affect communication received (Spouse 2008) Berry (2007, pg18) highlights the depth of verbal language due to the use of paralinguistic language.

This process requires three components the sender, the receiver and the message.

Communication would not be possible if any of these components are absent.

Open-ended questions tend to warrant more than a one word response and generally start with what, who, where, when, why and how.

It invites the patient to talk more around their condition and how they may be feeling and provoke a more detailed assessment to be obtained.

Reflective practice is an integral part of health and social care, particularly within nursing care (Bulman and Schutz, 2008). (EYFS) is a framework that provides an assurance to cares and parents that the setting that they put their child ...

The Gibbs cycle is frequently used within the National Health Service (NHS) and is utilised as a part of employee supervision to enable the individual to successfully reflect on their experiences.

The development of therapeutic relationships in health and social care are important in order to create and maintain a successful, professional relationship between staff and service user.

This helps to promote congruence between intervention planning and treatment, increasing the likelihood of success when implementing a treatment or care plan.


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