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It also monitors, keeps logs and notifies about the 404 errors on your website.

You can use this plugin to redirect all URLs so it is not used for ‘not found‘ pages only.

Everyone who uses internet and surf websites have definitely seen the 404 error ever in his/her life.

This error appears when the page you are looking for doesn’t seem to be exiting.

You can use this plugin to reduce the number of dead pages in Google webmaster and save your SEO from getting affected.

The plugin is ultra light weighted, Well coded and free to use along with lifetime automatic updates.

Infect, there is no need to use such things because this tool is highly suitable for tracking down the information about 404 error links and has the ability to trace IP addresses, referrers URLs and browsers too.

The plugin is compatible with Word Press 4.0 or higher versions and gets updated on a regular basis.

The developer decided to make this plugin after using Google webmaster tool which used to show him many 404 error links and used to count them for the websites which eventually affect the ranking of the website.

Now it takes the search engine to another page and doesn’t let it count the dead page.


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