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PS: I recommend you add the final "s" to "asses ", otherwise you might cause some amusement among our transatlantic cousins PS: Also, in the Yes/No questions, I sometimes find myself looking for a Don't know / Not applicable option.Perhaps you should think about including that.[Edited at 2017-05-31 GMT] Likewise, sometimes the answer would be ‘Yes’ if the question were phrased differently.

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It could have been helpful to put the various motivations in order, starting with the most important down to the least.

And I agree that it should However, there were several questions where I wanted to click on more than one answer and couldn't.

Hello everyone I would like to ask you to fill out my survey on the influence of motivation processes on translator's effectiveness.

The survey contains 25 closed questions, is anonymous, and shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes of your time.

I wouldn’t say it motivates or demotivates me, just that sometimes it rankles.

[Edited at 2017-05-31 GMT] And I’m sorry, but I really dislike questions that presume I have “long-term goals”.

This was —”“Treat me,” I interrupted, “as if I don’t know Greek,” as, in fact, I do not.“The prefix means ‘turn.’ ‘Many’ or ‘multiple’ could suggest that he’s much turned, as if he is the one who has been put in the situation of having been to Troy, and back, and all around, gods and goddesses and monsters turning him off the straight course that, ideally, he’d like to be on.

Or, it could be that he’s this untrustworthy kind of guy who is always going to get out of any situation by turning it to his advantage.

The fact that it’s possible to translate the same lines a hundred different times and all of them are defensible in entirely different ways?

That tells you something.” But, Wilson added, with the firmness of someone making hard choices she believes in: “I want to be super responsible about my relationship to the Greek text.


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