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For example in the following snippet of code you can see how to do it by calling for the There is a plugin I used in combination of creating the custom sidebars because in the current model of Word Press default behavior is that you can only use a widget once in all sidebars.

So, I use a plugin called “Widgets Reloaded” that allows me to reuse a core set of widgets across all sidebars. From the outlined code above you may see how it is now possible to create as many custom templates as you like and get the look and function you are after.

Once the page has loaded you should see Site Layout options in the second column as seen here: That’s all that is needed to activate and “install” your basic, default sidebars. You may want specific content in a sidebar on a specific page, sets of pages, or specific categories in addition, or instead of the default sidebars. You will need to open up the file custom_file that resides here: ~/wp-content/themes/thesis/custom/ You are going to write a function that tests for the page or category, pulls in your content, and renders your sidebar how you like it.

You need to: /* CUSTOM SIDEBAR TEMPLATE */ function custom_sidebar_01() remove_action('thesis_hook_custom_template', 'thesis_custom_template_sample'); add_action('thesis_hook_custom_template', 'custom_sidebar_01'); I will admit that I did not create the following masterful stroke of coding. I was in the DIYThemes forums working on helping with some custom page templates and the question came up about adding additional sidebars. To create a third, fourth, fifth sidebar (you can create as many as you like using this coding) you need to first register the sidebar.

Next I created a function that tests for this specific page inside of custom_

In the function I created I call for the page content, and call for the custom sidebars I defined previously, sidebar 3, and a new custom sidebar 4.Get in touch and we can talk about your needs and start the process. If you need help with a specific Word Press issue, I offer consultation, complete web design, and web development services.Get in touch and we can talk about your needs and start the process.Then I make the call for the custom template to be implemented./* TEST FOR SPECIFIC PAGE FOR SIDEBAR TUTORIAL */ function custom_sidebar_01() remove_action('thesis_hook_custom_template', 'thesis_custom_template_sample'); add_action('thesis_hook_custom_template', 'custom_sidebar_01'); Once the sidebars are working you will need to setup styling to make the sidebars have the proper width and floats to get the sidebars to behave in your layouts.In my case this is the CSS I used to get the results on this page.In order to have one of the default sidebars show up with one of your custom sidebars you only need to change what sidebars you are calling.Anything NOT customized inside of custom_or will take on the layout you define in this area.Once you have logged into your admin area you will want to go to the left-hand sidebar to Appearance/Design Options. What if you want a custom sidebar, or you have a custom page template and want the standard sidebars?apple attention books brain brand branding burnout change coding communication cost Design email focus good holiday Internet i Phone Life management marketing movie new year personal brand presence Productivity Rant Software stress stuff success suck tags Technology Thesis thinking time Tutorial vacation video virtual web Word Press words Work I specialize in making Word Press work for people.If you need help with a specific Word Press issue, I offer consultation, complete web design, and web development services. Get in touch and we can talk about your project, ideas, or challenges.


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